It never really seems to matter if you are a small, medium or large organisation - one common challenge they all have is meeting compliance requirements. Compliance can be a costly exercise in regards to time & money, made even harder when factoring in things like different standards or separate locations within one business. With all of these elements at play, it can be a real challenge to get your compliance to do what it should do, add value to your company.

Have a look at the video below and I'm sure you will see your own challenges in the mix.

All modules integrate with each other, it's simple to use with great reporting functions. It really took the admin pain out of my compliance

Mango Overview


Poor Tools & Process = Waste

 If you think about your current compliance processes I bet it doesn't take long to start seeing a lot of added fat or waste in the system from things like

  • Chasing down the lost Non Conformance or Accident / Incident form & then redoing them when you just can't find them
  • Waiting for the forms to move through the system and constantly having to chase people to complete things
  • scrambling to get ready for that all important ISO or customer audit
  • Figuring out how to avoid the duplicated work for system & management reporting
  • Trying to track down if someone is trained for a role, what exactly is the job description for that role and many more things.
  • Not forgetting the joy of the hours businesses loose from not knowing where to get that form or find that process.

​All of these things add zero value to your business so using a single compliance tool that improves the flow of information within your business makes sense. 

The Team at Mango have a Quality system and compliance background, that's where they worked for years so it makes sense that they would develop what is in our opinion the best QHSE compliance system on the market.

When we look at a business from a LEAN point of view the amount of business waste that Mango can remove is tremendous, coupled with the speed to process flow and ease of compliance it made perfect sense for us to become a Mango Partner.

Here's What mango can do for you


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