Should we be doing contingency planning for my ISO Management System?
Thursday Q&A

This Week's Question  A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a few people around how things were going with their business in light of the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic and day to day business in general. One of the topics that came up was around contingency planning within the company and the various approaches they each had. In one ...

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7 tips to ensure your ISO System IS your business system
ISO 9001 Quality Management

Compliance systems can be a pain, all that extra work, the paperwork, the audits, the forms, and reviews. The time that you waste chasing people up to do things they don't feel they should do and of course, getting ready for the big audit from the customer or the certification body when you could be doing your real work right? Chances are if you or...

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Build on the right foundation
ISO 9001 Quality Management

One of the things that happen when organisation start to build towards implementing their ISO management systems is that they look at the standard and try to figure out where to start. As people tend to do, they move towards the familiar, the bits they believe they know what to do and start there. They implement non-conformance processes, or risk p...

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5 Top Tips for Creating a Great Internal Audit Schedule
ISO 9001 Quality Management

It does not matter if you are working to achieve or already have your International Standards Organisation (ISO) certification internal auditing is a key element you need to master. Internal auditing seems to be one of the areas of real trepidation and confusion around the requirements for internal auditing programs. When we talk with clients who a...

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Reasons companies look to move their Compliance System from Paper to Digital & why you should too
ISO 9001 Quality Management

The world of compliance is changing, it has had to change. The days of printing a forest worth of trees for your management systems and then keeping them, all safely tucked into a in a folder on the top shelf, is not something you can do today. COVID-19 has surely put paid to that myth once and for all? The idea of looking them it the week before a...

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Understanding your ISO Certification Auditor’s Thinking
ISO 9001 Quality Management

Even for the experienced ISO Systems manager, audits can be a nervous time. The second guessing of what you have created in your systems and what your ISO certification auditor is going to be looking for can lead to over thinking things and even on extremes the odd restless night. It does not matter if you are certifying to ISO9001 for quality mana...

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How Does ISO Define Traceability?
ISO 9001 Quality Management

One of the questions I get asked a lot (and it really is a lot!) is "How does ISO define traceability?" that's always accompanied with: what do they want, what things do I need put in place, will it be expensive and but my customer doesn't care about it! The answer, initially at least is, "It depends!" Obviously, this is not overly helpful, so we n...

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Breaking Organisations with Corporate Speak
ISO 9001 Quality Management

There is a major problem in organisations, and we need to fix it. It is a problem so major that it is going to take years to fix it, and in some organisations it will be fatal, and they just will not make it I am afraid. The challenge is that the issue is not immediately obvious, first it pops up in one area of the business and then before you know...

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Uncovering Improvements in your QHSE System
ISO 9001 Quality Management

 A short while ago I got the chance to catch up with Craig Thornton from Mango QHSE, of course both being lock-down along with the rest of New Zealand and most of the world it was via a web call.  The subject was one close to my heart, improvements. Specifically how do you uncover that are already hiding within your QHSE system, that are ...

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The Absolute Beginners Guide to ISO9001:2015 - Free e-Book
ISO 9001 Quality Management

Understanding exactly what you need to do in order to achieve ISO9001:2015 can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes the language in the standard can be a little, well, unclear. Don't get me wrong the 2015 version of the ISO9001 standard is vastly improved over the previous versions of the standard but unless you are familiar with ISO standards a...

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Why are You Really Implementing ISO9001:2015?
ISO 9001 Quality Management

When an organisation makes the decision that they need to achieve the ISO9001:2015 certification there are normally a number of factors that influence the decision, because let's face it, it's not a small decision, it's one that really needs to be considered carefully since you are about to fundamentally change how your organisation functions. The ...

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ISO9001 and the Post Certification Journey
ISO 9001 Quality Management

You have done it, the ISO9001:2015 certificate is on the wall and all that hard work of building a Quality Management System that really delivers for your organisation is behind you, so why are we talking about a journey?   Celebrate Firstly, it is important to stop for a moment and celebrate what you and the team have achieved. It says a lot ...

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ISO9001 and the Certifying Audits – Stage 2
ISO 9001 Quality Management

Congratulations, you have got to the point where it is time for the stage 2 audit of your new ISO9001:2015 certification audit of your Quality Management System. You have spent many hours training all of your team on what the requirements are for running the organisation within your new system, people know where to find things, they are updati...

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ISO9001 and the Certifying Audits – Stage 1
ISO 9001 Quality Management

It's finally time, you have done all the hard yards and now it's time to actually get your new ISO9001:2015 system officially certified, so what exactly does that mean and how do you do it, there are a few steps to move through to get to that all important ISO9001:2015 certificate. In this post we will cover the 1st two steps.   Selecting a Ce...

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ISO9001 and the required Documents and Records
ISO 9001 Quality Management

As we have worked through all of the clauses within ISO9001 in this blog series we have highlighted a number of areas where you need a document or need to be keeping a record of things, but to be fair, it may be hard to keep track and to be honest with so many clauses it can be a little overwhelming. It's not unusual for people to believe that abso...

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