AS9100 Clause 8.1.1 - The Operational Risk Management Requirement
AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management

Throughout the whole AS9100D standard, risk-based thinking is an important thread. In clause 6.1 you are required to look at the risks (and opportunities) linked to the quality management system of the organisation, now AS9100D wants you to focus on even further. The whole point of the 5 points in clause 8.1.1 of AS9100 is to get you to understand ...

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ISO27001 and Annex Clause 18 – The Compliance Requirement
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems

Every standard has a requirement that you understand and meet your legal, statutory, regulatory, or contractual obligations. Organisations should have a register to manage these things where you can list out what the requirement is and how you meet that requirement. It shouldn't need a standard to tell you need to meet your obligations, but for som...

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Time to get rid of the Zombies!
Organisational Health

We've hit the final quarter of the calendar year, and now is probably a good time to talk about the very best place you can spend a bit of your time. Yes, you need to keep delivering for your clients and finding more and taking care of day-to-day business, but you also need to take a step back and get rid of some zombies! Every organisation has the...

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ISO 27001 and the Annex Clauses - Clause A17 Business Continuity
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems

According to Wikipedia, business continuity is defined as "the capability of an organization to continue the delivery of products or services at pre-defined acceptable levels following a disruptive incident" and the business continuity planning is the planning work that goes into the systems and processes you need to put in place to account for tho...

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Making your Quality Control Data Capture Simple
Operational Excellence

One of the challenges with quality management is building systems and processes that are simple enough for people to use, and want to use, but be robust enough to give you what you need to achieve. As I've talked about before, we spend a lot of time with clients helping them simplify their systems, people will use a simple system every day of the w...

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AS9100 Clause 8.1 - The Operational, Planning & Control Requirements
AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management

If you think about the first 7 clauses of the AS9100 REV D as building the framework of your Quality Management System, then section 8 - Operation is very much about putting some substance on that framework and as a result it's quite in depth in its requirements. Section 8.1 - Operational Planning and Control, that we will discuss here, gives the r...

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Beware the HiPPO

Beware the HiPPO! It sounds like something out of the latest blockbuster superhero or horror film doesn't it, a dire warning to the hero about the danger the HiPPO poses with the expectation that the hero, at some point, will have to face the HiPPO and survive. Encountering a HiPPO can range from being terrifying too hilarious to, well, depressing....

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ISO27001 and Information security incident management
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems

When we are talking to our clients about steps, they can be taking to improve their management system is stressing the need to capture any incidents that have occurred and improvements that they have made. Rather than thinking about these things as negatives because something was not right, and it created an incident or needed improvement, we help ...

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AS9100 and The Documented Information Requirements
AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management

Clause 7.5 - Documented Information within the AS9100 REV D standard highlights what is required when creating and controlling documentation that is required to support your Quality Management System for Aviation, Space, and Defence Organisations. The requirements for how you manage and control your documented information have changed since technol...

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ISO27001 and the Supplier relationship requirements
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems

Like many of the ISO standards ISO27001 for information security management systems needs you to have a relationship with your supplier, that relationship of course should be one of mutual benefit and respect what Annex clause A15 does however set up the requirements for implementing some targets in terms of information security requirements.  ...

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Using 5s in maintenance to avoid burning down the plant
Operational Excellence

I always remember the 1st time I helped implement 5s into a factory. 5s (Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) is one of the many 'tools' used by organisations when moving to taking lean thinking. The driving force was actually from the maintenance department at the time rather than operations, which still surprises some people. People still t...

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ISO27001 and the System acquisition, development, and maintenance Requirement
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems

For many organisations having any form of information security system is new, and that can make it a little challenging. It means that you are having to graft your new systems onto what you already have, which is tricky. However, there will come a point that the next system you need isn't one you had before you system, its new and so the very best ...

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AS9100 and the Communication Requirement
AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management

AS9100 clause 7.4 Communication is a small and innocuous clause, there really doesn't seem too much to it on the face of it. This clause in Rev D of the AS9100 standard for Aviation, Space and Defence organisation is all about ensuring that those within your organisation and outside of it get the right level of communication about your quality mana...

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ISO14001 for Environmental Management Systems – What the heck is it about?
ISO14001 Environmental Management

One of the great things that we see happening in the compliance world at the moment is an upsurge in the interest in gaining accreditation to ISO14001 for environmental management systems (EMS). There a lot of factors generating this interest from contractual requirements including the need for environmental sustainability or certification to busin...

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ISO27001 and the Annex Clauses – Clause 13 Communications Security
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems

While this annex clause of ISO27001 for Information security management systems (ISMS) is named Communication Security, think of it more as the security linked to how you move your information around both internally and externally of your organisation. The clause is split into two parts which really link to that internal & external thinking. A1...

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If you want to really improve your productivity here is the one question you need to ask first!
Operational Excellence

I overheard a conversation in a café the other day between a few people sitting round a table in what I presume was an off site catch up for the management team. They were discussing some of the challenges that they were having and how tough things had been throughout the covid pandemic for them. They had managed to get through by being really cash...

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AS9100 and the Awareness Requirements
AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management

Although AS9100 REV D requirements for your Quality Management System (QMS) is built on top of the ISO9001:2015 standard, there are a few areas where the requirements of the Aerospace standard are different or there are additional requirements, AS9100D Clause 7.3 for Awareness is one oof those areas.   Clause 7.3 - Awareness  This section...

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ISO27001 and the Annex Clauses – Clause A12 – Operations Security
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems

Annex 12 – Operational Security for your ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a pretty substantial clause since it's all about preventing the loss or availability, integrity and importantly confidentiality of your business information. By substantial we mean there are 14 separate elements for you to think about controls th...

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