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Webinar Rerun - Buiding a Continuous Improvement Program with Toyota Kata

Unfortunately, Most continuous improvement programs fail, either completely or they fail to live up tot eh hype and expectations that are set up front for them

The reason for this is that they are focusing only on delivering the "big bang", they make a big song and dance about this new latest thing and hope that it'll work, like the noise of the launch celebrations, however, the enthusiasm for the new big bang fades as quickly as it appears. What's worse, they always jump to conclusions of what is needed. This leads to wasted efforts and a heck of a lot of unhappy employees.

Earlier in the month, we had the pleasure of taking part in a webinar with Craig from Mango about how to build a Continuous Improvement program using Toyota Kata that really will help you succeed based on the book by Mike Rother. We had a great turn out for the webinar but if you missed it here is a recording of the session for you to get you up to speed. 

Missed our Kata Webinar with Mango? 

No problem - watch a recording of the webinar here


Download the Slides

We hope you enjoyed the rerun of the webinar. It can be a lot to take in so we have made the slides available for you to download here, just complete the form below and we'll email them to you.

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About Mike Rother, Author - Toyota Kata 

 If you haven't heard of Mike Rother, the author of Toyota Kata, then it is time for you to check out what he has been up to and some of the great work he has done. Along with Toyota Kata mike also authored Learning to See, which is probably on of these best books on value stream mapping available. Check out his website for Kata opposite or our Essential reading list to get links to Mikes books there as well.


The Essential Reading List

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