The Essential
Reading List

We love books, we love to learn new things, be challenged by new ideas and inspired to take action.

Great Books for the Mind & Soul

This is a range of our favourite books that are either aimed at helping you to develop yourself or your team. Resilience at work is a fantastic book about how to build grit and support others, Black box thinking is about breaking you out of the fixed mindset while the happiness advantage is about, well happiness and the positive effect that has on everything.

Great Books for Leadership

This is a range of our favourite leadership books to help you think about firstly what leadership is about but also to challenge some of the traditional thinking about things like topdown management and about setting new directions.

Great Books on Lean

Lean is a massive topic with the ability to have a massive impact on your organisation. It's not just for manufacturing, lean is used in the service industry, in hospitals and doctors surgeries, in your council in fact anywhere where you need to improve the delivery of products or services to your customers faster and at a better quality and lower costs.

Great Books on Theory of Constraints

The Theory of Constraints is about removing bottlenecks in your organisation that stops you delivering to your customer. In many ways, it has linkages to lean and can be used in conjunction. Understanding where your bottlenecks are and how to remove them increases your ability to deliver anything.

Great Books on Organisational Health & Strategy

Strategy and Culture are largely talked about separately, which is strange because done right it should be impossible to separate them. It's been said by many that strategy is vitally important, but Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Given the choice of having a great strategy or a great culture, go for a great culture, it'll get you a strategy. In here you will find a list of great books to help you do just that.

Great Books on Agile, Scum and Kanban

Becoming an Agile operation is a very big thing, but what is it? In here you will find some great resources to help you understand the differences between an agile organisation and those who are not.
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