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Making it easy to find the right documents is simple using Mango's QHSE Document Management Software.
Document Management on Mango

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MANGO - Making Document Management Simple

Mango's ensures that you keep in control of all of your process documents, manuals, SOP's and Files with the Document Module

Easily manage your Documents

With Mango's Document Module you only ever have one version available meaning everyone is using the right document all the time and there are no hard copies to hunt down and update.
Once any document update is authorised the new revision is instantly available everywhere in your organsiation, no more convoluted roll outs.

With Mango when you add images, flowcharts, files and documents to your system Mango cross-links manuals and any future updates you do to those are fully automated meaning if you change any of the linked items, Mango simultaneously updates the entire manual for you. No need to worry abotu updating links or missign a change.

Mango allows you to configure document sign-off to align with your specific workflow and approvals requirements that already exist in your organsiaiton.

Ensure Everyone Knows

When you do carry out an update to your documentaion Mango automatically notifys those people you want to know about it and record thier acknowledgements of the changes in thier training records giving you the tracebility that you need.

Mango gives you the ability to:

Ensure that you only have one controlled copy of each document available, removing the need to continually update those hard copies.
Make it easy to change your documentation.
Make it easy to update documents and make these updates available to everyone instantly ensuring everyone is seeing the same thing.
Easily Identify the trends within your Accident & Incident data allowing you to take action to reduce the occurrences.
Stop looking for documentation, since Mango is a cloud based system your documentation is available on any system connected to the internet.
Notify all employees who need to know that the documentation has been updated and capture their acknowledgements in their HR Training file automatically.
Add images, embed links to other documents and external files into your documents.
Incorporate your existing company documentation with ease.

Integrate for Simplicity

Mango's integrated approach means that your entire Document Management System is managed in one place linking everything you need for an effective QHSE System by creating a single, consistent system which not only reduces training time but actually makes it simple for people to use.

MANGO - Take Your Documentation With You

With Mango's mobile friendly website you can use any module from the site on your mobile device, even your document and files .

Reference Any Document

mango's website is designed to be mobile friendly, that means you can easily read any document you have in mango on your phone, exactly where and when you need it

Review Documents

Review any document change suggestions that have been made to your the proceedures live from anywhere in the world.

Download Files

Download anything that you have in the Files area of the Document Management module directly to your mobile device.

MANGO - Integrated QHSE Compliance

With the Mango Documents Module creating an QHSE System that people will actively use and contributes to the business is easier than you think.

Mango for Document Managament: Usage Examples

Here are some examples of how Mango makes your Document Management System easier to use.

Operations Manuals

Allow easy access to everyone in the organisation to all your important procedures and processes. Store your complete compliance or operational manuals in Mango.

Quality Manual

With Mango you have one set of viewable, access restricted documents for ease of compliance, and auditing. That means you can remove all of your paper based procedures and ad-hoc document storage.

Reviews & Meetings

Capture your minutes for all your important meetings and store these in Mango’s Documents Module.


Gain comprehensive record of compliance. by storing all of your reports, inspections, and maintenance procedures in Mango’s Documents module.

Maintenance Records

Store specific maintenance procedures, forms and records in Mango’s centralised Document module

Training Procedures

Keep your training procedures and job functions for all of your sites in one central location.

Standard Operating Procedures

By keeping all your standard operating procedures in Mango's Document Module you ensure that all local and international branches are working from one set documents.

Easily meet these Standards

  • Clauses 5.3, 6.2, 7.1.3 & 7.1.4 of ISO 9001
  • Clauses 7.5, 7.5.1 and 7.5.2 of ISO 14001
  • Clause 4.2 of ISO 22000
  • Clauses 4.4 & 4.5 of AS/NZS 4801
  • Clauses 4.4 & 4.5 of OHSAS 18001
  • Sections 2-8 & 10-16 of the ISM Code

What People Say About Mango

Don't just take our word about how great Mango is, here is the feedback from some of our users.
“Our company achieved Certification to ISO9001 and AS4801. This programme has also brought considerable efficiency which reflect in the P&L at the end of the day.”
“ Mango has become an integral part of our business. Mango took us from a paper based system that was cumbersome and time consuming to an on-line electronic system that was Certified to AS4801 after just one audit. ”
“  There are no cons with this package. We have 500 employees, some of whom are not so techno savvy, but they can all use the system easily. We also operate in vineyards, packaging, wineries and cellar doors. 
If you want to check out more independent feedback on how great Mango is head to to hear what others think or you can check out a range of case studies here direct from the end users.

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