Our Purpose, Mission and Core Values

Knowing why you do what you do and where you are going are two critical elements for any organisation. Knowing what values are important to you helps guide all of your decisions. For us we believe that these 3 items, our Purpose, Our Mission and Our Core Values serve to define what Many Caps Consulting is about and where we are going, it keeps us true.

Our Purpose

To help others learn and grow so that they can succeed and better contribute to growing others.

Our Mission

Our Mission over the next 10 years is quite simple, we want to add $10 million to the net profit of organisations within NZ through helping to deliver increased Operational Excellence and better Organisational Health

Our Core Values

As a business our values are important to us, they help us shape and guide what we do, the decisions that we make and the things that we offer as a company. We review them frequently and always check to ensure that we are living up to these core values.
core values


We believe that the ability to explain things with simplicity ensures we understand it well enough so that we can share it with our clients in a way that will allow them to understand and benefit from it.


We believe enjoyment needs to be a fundamental element of what we do so that our clients feel that energy and carry that energy forward to what they do.


We believe that it is vital to consistently learn and develop ourselves where ever and from whomever, we can so that we can support our clients learn and improve.

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