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John Watt
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A Productivity Addict

I stated Many Caps Consulting in 2015 after 20+ years in the manufacturing industry with the aim of being able to help other organisations improve their operations. After graduating with an Engineering Honours in Manufacturing Systems and Management I started out working in the Contract Electronics industry which as well as being very fast paced and detail focused it’s an industry that lives, breaths and sleeps LEAN manufacturing and productivity, if you want to stay there you need to do the same.
I moved to New Zealand to help turn an NZ Contract Electronics company around running their engineering and then manufacturing teams, I work in Cables and in Pipe manufacturing again working to help turn the organisations around improving output and productivity using a range of Continuous improvement tools. I loved every minute of those challenges, of developing people and giving them the tools to succeed and I bring that passion to my work with clients of Many Caps Consulting.

You may say I’m a Productivity Addict

Our Difference

I have been lucky enough to have worked in a range of industries and several different countries (Scotland – where I’m from, Ireland, Romania, China and of course New Zealand) you get to see a range of issues and approaches.
I have worked at all levels in Engineering, Manufacturing and Operations Management and ran teams from 5 to 142 people across those industries. I have found that a lot of the challenges are the same and they start and end with focusing on People which is where we start our focus. We look to understand your people, their challenges, their wants, what is getting in the way of them succeeding and then get along side them to help them achieve the improvements they may not know they can.
“If the only tool you have is a hammer then everything is a nail” – it’s a well used phrase and very true which is why we carry a toolbox with us and mix and max the right tools for the right challenge using LEAN, 6 Sigma, Kaizen, Theory of Constraints, ISO Quality Management systems, Strategy or Operational Management and of course coaching techniques. By combining these tools properly we can help you unleash the potential of your team to achieve the results they want.

But My Business is Different

I hear that a lot, actually I hear it pretty much all the time and here is my stock reply..it's 4 questions...

  1. Do you make something or provide a service?
  2. Do you have people in your organisation not performing as well as they could?
  3. Do you have a clear strategic goal and great alignment in your company?
  4. Do you have an above the line positive culture?

Guess what... your end product is certainly different, but your company isn’t, and you have the same challenges as everyone else, they are just dressed differently.

With our toolbox of approaches and ability to get to the root of your issues we can apply the right tool to help align your team, deliver on strategic requirements, reduce WIP and rework levels and help you build a great team culture.

We can help you with that while we help pass on our knowledge to your team. As an NZTE Business Partner, we may even be able to get you co-funding for some of our work.