Use LEAN to help identify and eliminate the waste in your processes and improve your bottom line resuls
Understand the 8 wastes
Identify the Waste in Your System
Find the Benefits of the GEMBA walk
Improve Quality
Reduce Rework Levels
Improve Delivery Performance
5s Training & Implementations

5s Training & Implementations

Use 5s to start your LEAN journey and get a cleaner, more productive and safety working environment
Remove Clutter & See the issues
Reduce Waste
Increase Employee Engagement
Create a visual environment
Improve Safety
SMED - Set Up Time Reducton

SMED - Set Up Time Reducton

Sublattice of electrons that point in one direction, than from the.
Increase Value Adding Uptime 
Improve Teamwork
Increase Output
Reduce Scrap
Create Repeatable Results
Improved Safety
Theory Of Contraints

Theory Of Contraints

By Using the principals of Theory of Constraints improve your output and reduce costs, deliver more to the customer in less time!
Identify the real bottlenecks
Improve output 
Reduce Operating Costs
Increase Employee Engagement
Improve On Time Delivery
Reduce Work in Progress
Visual Factory

Visual Factory

Use Visual Factory Methods to make it obvious if you are winning or losing, if your output is what it should be and if you have quality problems that have been hidden away.
Increase Quality
Create clarity on what you do
Improve communication
Improve Employee Moral
Improve output
Reduce Work In Progress
6 Sigma

6 Sigma

Use 6 Sigma Processes to get to the bottom of the variation in your processes and solve the real quality problems, understand what your customers really need and create a repeatable problem-solving process.
Reduce Errors
Understand Your Customer Needs
Reduce Cycletimes
Reduce Process Variability
Improved Productivity
Reduced Operating Costs

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We are focused on making it simple
Pre-sales Support

Pre-sales Support

The minute you get in touch our focus is to understand your challenges and your business, not force a pre-prescribed solution on to you that wont work.
Ownership & Confidentiality

Ownership & Confidentiality

Your organisation owns your quality management system, our job is to give you the tools to make it work for you. 
Energy & Passion

Energy & Passion

We provide the energy and motivation within your organisation to keep things going until the solution is delivered.

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