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5s - Make Your Workplace Productive

Good housekeeping is always the 1st step on your Lean Journey but the 5S process is far more than just simply housekeeping.

The 5s principles are about setting up your environment to be efficient, repeatable and also safe. Think about it, things aren't just laying around, cords aren't spread across the floor you're certainly far less likely to trip over them!

But it's more than that again, it's the 1st step on your lean journey towards greater efficiency, that's why before we do anything else, we get ready, we implement 5s as a habit within the organisation.

The 5 steps are:

  1. Sort - Clearly distinguish needed items from unneeded and eliminate the latter
  2. Straighten - Keep the needed items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval
  3. Shine - Keep the workplace neat & tidy (and SAFE!)
  4. Standardise - The method by which 'Sort',' Straighten' and 'Shine' are made habitual
  5. Sustain - Maintain the established procedures
Sounds simple doesn't it, and it is, with a little help, encouragement and buy in from everyone!

Let's have a look at some of the things a simple 5s program can bring to your organisation.


5s Benefits

It Increases Productivity

  • It will reduce downtime at start ups where you have to go look for everything, it's already there!
  • It well certainly reduce your change over times, which could be further improved with SMED activity
  • Each of which means you spend more time producing and you know what you produce it through the plant quicker!
It Increases Quality
  • It introduces standardisation, so everyone does the same thing in the same way, that becomes habit and it slips into day to day life, consistency feeds quality!
  • It simplifies the employees work environment and as we all know people enjoy simple! so happy employees
  • Happy Employees are more engaged and so more focused and that results in reduced errors and defects!!
It Reduces Your Costs
  • By only having what you need where you need it your inventory is reduced - lower cost holdings
  • Safety is improved so less costs associated with worker related injuries
  • reduces scrap (remember those consistent processes?) and so reduces production costs
Not only that but because it's implemented by the team and not inflicted by the management you know the team will own what they have done and hold themselves and workmates to account when something isn't right. It becomes a positive part of the business culture.

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Unlocking Growth and Developing Your People

Working side by side with your leadership team and the shop floor alike our focus is to help you unlock the local knowledge already at your fingertips to help you transform how you do business. We will intentionally challenge your way of working and your status who to help you push your boundaries and grow your people, positioning you for stronger, sustained growth with a new lean mindset.
Our coaching approach is aimed at teaching you to do and to think for yourselves. We look to help build your leaders lean skills and look for them to train their team to embed that training.

Learn to Find

Here we help your team find the real, immediate problems to solve. We help your teams really learn to see the issues that need solved.

Learn to Face

Here we are interested in understanding what our challenge is, what is easy to fix, what is not and what the deeper challenges are.

Learn to Frame

Here we put the challenges you have discovered in a way that everyone will easily understand both in terms of the problem and also the generic solution.

Learn to Form

Working together at the GEMBA (place of value) to form the specific solutions you need through repeated try and see efforts and set a new standard that is repeatable.

Ready To Start Your Lean Journey?

Make a booking now and find out how we can help you Make Things, Better

Ready To Start Your Lean Journey?

Make a booking now and find out how we can help you Make Things, Better