The EssentialPodcast List.

We love Podcasts, we love the ability to learn new things on the go and inspired to with new thoughts. We love them so much, we thought we would share our favorites.

The Quest to QHSE

About The Quest to QHSE

The Quest to QHSE is hosted by Craig Thornton and is all about how to drove improvement in your Compliance Management Systems and covers Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management plus a side of continuous improvement just for fun.
Craig chats with different guests every week focusing on a different elements of yoru QHSE journey giving some fantastic hints and some really great challenging ideas from real industry experts.
This is probably the best QHSE Podcast but be warned, it's not for those who refuse to think a little differently.

About At The Table

Patrick Lenioni, founder of The Table Group and author of a bunch of outstanding books (Check our Essencial Readign List for some links) has launched his very own podcast series.
This fast becoming one of my favorite podcasts. In the Posdcast Patrick and his walk in guests have a geniune conversation about things that drive Organsiational Health, those things that give your company a real advantage, they tackle topics culture to family to building world-class organizations.
This is a great podcast and really easy to listen along to, it's like sitting having a chat over a coffee with some friends, I love it and I'm sure you will as well.

At The Table

Gemba Academy

About Gemba Academy

Gemba Academy is probably the best Lean podcast around today. Hosted by Ron Pereira, join him every week to hear new ideas and throughts from his guests as they talk about what lean means to them, how they have succeeded and how they have failed.

It's one of the most diverse lean podcasts and I can certainly say that I walk away from each one havign learned soemthign new or found a new slant on something I thought I knew already.

If you only check out 1 lean podcast then this is the one for you (but there are more!)

About The Lean Smarts Podcast

Hosted by Daniel Crawford, founder of Lean Smarts, The Lean Smarts Podcast is a great weekly podcast giving you a great simple overview fo a range of lean topics.
Week by week Daniel gives really fantastic examples of of lean techniques and tools that you can use yourself to improve your operation.

At an average of about 15 minutes per podcast you can really rattle through the back catelog and enjoy this podcast on the go without overloadign your brain with too much stuff!
This is a must listen for anyone starting out or wanting a refresh.

The Lean Smarts Podcast

Lean Blog Interviews

About Lean Blog Interviews

Mark Graban is the host of the Lean Blog Interviews, as well as being author of a number of excellent lean books Mark is also a great interviewer. In his Interview blog series mark talks with a number of leaders and innovators in the Lean thinking world who have real life experiences of what worked well for them and what didn't.

Topics include Lean manufacturing, Lean healthcare which is a passion of Mark's, Lean production, Lean startups, and Lean enterprise.

you can also get show notes for this podcast at

About The Look & Sound of Leadership

Tom Henschel is the host of The Look & Sound of Leadership which is a fantastic podcast coverign a whole range of areas linked to great leadership. Think about this podcast as a leadership coach in your pocket (or your ear!)

In this monthly podcast Tom takes you a leadership example using his great story telling techniques and acting skills (Tom was a geniune actor in a previous life) turnign his talks into little fables and stories that are easy to digest and understand.

The Look & Sound of Leadership