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Environment Management Software for ISO 14001

How do you manage and track your environmental responsibilities either linked to your own organisation's requirements and reporting or to legislative requirements? is it 1, 2 perhaps 3 spreadsheets with maybe a few charts you then put into a presentation? Does the system integrate with your overall quality management system you have stored in PDF's on the network drive? the answer, like most companies, is probably not! When you begin to think about how it works with your non-conformance and continuous improvement systems it just makes you feel a little drained, possibly time for a coffee! It doesn't matter if you are a small, medium or even a large organisation, environmental management can be a challenge and chew up a lot of valuable time. The results are normally a little haphazard and there isn't a long-lasting system that others can take on.

Mango changes this approach by integrating your Environmental management system with your Quality Management & H&S systems to create a single, consistent system which not only reduces training time but actually makes it simple for people to follow and be involved.

Look after the Standard Activities of Your EMS

  • Managing, reviewing, correcting and improving your documentation
  • Use the Risk management module to Identify, assess and then control the aspects and impacts of your policy and operation
  • Look after and control the activities required to ensure your emergency preparedness is where you need it to be using the event management module
  • The Mango Documents repository allows you to keep all the legal requirements a central place ensuring a formal and consistent process is available.
  • Highlighting the objectives and targets to all staff in the documents module, then track them using the KPI Module
  • Record any environmental incidents simply with the Mango accident/incident module
  • With all of this data, you need to be able to easily report everything out so Mango have developed a unique report writer that will analyse your environmental performance in real time

A true integrated management system, Mango makes compliance of your Safety, Environment and Quality systems easy. The accessibility of Mango supports leader led safety and ensures ownership and accountability for Safety, Environment and Quality outcomes can occur at all levels of the organisation. 
With fantastic, inbuilt workflows, Mango puts everything Quality, Safety & Environment in one place. It is straightforward to implement and efficient to use. Mango eliminates paperwork and supports productivity by freeing managers to focus more on running the business.

Mango for Environmental Management: Usage Examples

Policies, Procedures & Forms

No more paper, no more double ups, Mango allows you to cross-link any document you have in the system. No more out of date versions to worry about, users are only presented with the latest live version. All of your environmental documentation is held securely within Mango on the cloud so it's available where ever you are

Risk Management

Mango manages any aspects and impacts your business faces. Recording and assessing aspects and impacts gives you a simple reporting structure to increase transparency and reduce risk 

Incident Reporting


With Mango's user-configurable workflow system you can report, record and investigate all environmental incidents in a way that works for you. Improvement actions are easily reported and recorded within the system. Mango time-stamps each action when they are applied. Auditors just love the ease of use when auditing your system in Mango.

Manage People

Since Mango already managers your people and your training records managing your environmental competencies, making sure the right person with the right skills is assigned to the right job just happens naturally. You can automate training notification and record keeping which reduces the waste tide up in the administration time. 

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