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Manage Your Risks if you want to improve Your Bottom Line

All of the new ISO standards are taking a Risk Management Focus, and why wouldn't they, by managing the risk in your business you are prepared for what could happen and a range of scenarios. 

Risk management systems now need to be more than just a passive list sitting in you quality manual. Most organisations struggle to make the leap to having risk management process visible to employees making sure that everything is recorded correctly which can leave risks unidentified and uncontrolled.

Mango helps you ensure that your risk management is clear and understood but it also makes it simple to record a risk at any time. It provides a guided process to create a risk placing it into the correct register for you. The system will also automatically schedule your risk review meetings for you meaning that complying with your need to regularly review risks is a breeze.

Check out the video below for more: 

Mango is an effective health and safety system which ensures you are meeting the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. I love the Event Management Module, event reminders are sent to the designated person via email, for example, staff due for their next first aid, confined space, forklift training etc. Staff can also submit incident reports into Mango, which automatically uploads not only into your company incident register, but also transpires into an incident graph, which you can print and display at the next board meeting.
~ Dan M. - HSE Consultant

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