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Making it easy to report, plan, allocate and capture maintenance outcomes is simple using Mango's QHSE Compliance software
Maintenance on Mango

MANGO - Making Maintenance Integrated

Say good by to seperate systems, rows of folders and spreadhseets. Check out how Mango can make it simple.

Easily manage your Maintenance

What's your process for capturing maintenance? Do you get a call to tell you something has broken down, perhaps they fill in a paper form or an email to let you know, that may get lost or forgotten about. What about planning the maintenance and capturing the costs? is it one or two spreadsheets?
With Mango's Maintenance it's all integrated, raise the request for any unplaned maintenance type you need and mango will automatically flagged to your maintenances co-ordinator by email to action the issue while also inserting it to thier Mainteanance request dashboard highlighting is the equipment has been locked out or not as a result of this issue.
In addiontal this the maintenance issue is also now listed against the equipments record giving you a complete history of the equipment.

Make it Simple to Plan & Capture Maintenance

The Mango Maintenance Module lets you plan your maintenance work by selecting the work window - date & time you want the work to be done. You can then allocate it to either internal or external resources to get this work done highlightng any safety or PPE requirements and exactly what work you want done. Of course mango automatically alerts the maintenance team that thye have work to be done.
Once completed your maintenance team can update what they did in Mango, the time it took and associated costs.

Integrate for Simplicity

Mango's integrated approach means that your entire Maintenance System is managed in one place linking everything you need for an effective Plant & Equipment Maintenance System by creating a single, consistent system which not only reduces training time but actually makes it simple for people to use.

Mango gives you the ability to:

Allow anyone to report maintenance requirements online from anywhere, dramatically speeding up the process
Automatically notify everyone who needs to know about the issue at the same time
With the user-configurable workflow system you can report, allocate and complete all maintenance in a way that works for you
Easily Identify the trends within your Maintenance data allowing you to take action to reduce the occurrences.
Keep track of the status of all Maintenance to ensure things don't get held up or forgotten with automatic system notifications of work and alerts for anything running late
Attach photos or any files connected with the maintenance to add more information to help build a complete understanding.
Assign maintenance staff or external contractors (or both) to any maintenance work and Mango will notify them automatically.
Capture your maintenance costs and labour in one place
Indicate if the equipment is locked out as a result of the issue
Save time and money by enabling your team to get all the information required wherever they are.
Automatically include any H&S Risks linked to the equipment into the maintenance request and add additional risks as required along with any required PPE for the work to be carried out.

MANGO - Integrated QHSE Compliance

With the Mango Accident & Incident module creating an H&S System that people will actively use and contributes to the business is easier than you think.

Mango for Plant & Equipment Maintenance: Usage Examples

Here are some examples of how Mango makes your Maintenance Management System easier to use.

Maintenance Planning

Create a mainteanance plan by allocating all work to a date / time and allocating the required resources to get the work done on time.

Unscheduled Maintenance

Capture all the unscheduled maintenance issues involving equipment in one central place.

Build a Full Equipment History

Build a full picture of your equipment performance by including full unplanned maintenance costs into the equipment history to link with planned maintenance, accident / incident, non conformance and other system data automatically.

Maintenance Register

Mango automatically creates your maintenance register for you updating every time someone logs a new one or updates the system when action is taken highlighting when a piece of equipment is locked out.

Easily meet these Standards

  • Clause 7.1.1 of ISO 9001 
  • Clause 7.1 of ISO 14001 
  • Clause 6.1, 6.3, 6.4 and 7.2.3 of ISO 22000

What People Say About Mango

Don't just take our word about how great Mango is, here is the feedback from some of our users.
 It made my life much easier, it took a massive administrative burden for compliance off my shoulders. All modules integrate with each other, it's simple to use with great reporting functions. It really took the admin pain out of my compliance.”
“ This programme makes my job in Process control and compliance incredibly easy, takes the guess work out and the reminders are brilliant. The escalating alerts keep everyone in the loop and saves the awkward questions as to whether a job has been done or not. ”
“  There are no cons with this package. We have 500 employees, some of whom are not so techno savvy, but they can all use the system easily. We also operate in vineyards, packaging, wineries and cellar doors. 
If you want to check out more independent feedback on how great Mango is head to to hear what others think or you can check out a range of case studies here direct from the end users.

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