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Environmental Incident Management

Reporting Your Environmental Incident Made Simple

When an Environmental Incident happens the last thing you need is to drown in paperwork instead of dealing with the incident. Avoiding losing precious time in solving the problem is key to minimising the impact of any incident.

The very worst thing that can happen is that the same mistake repeats because of poorly filed paperwork or poor closeout of the previous incident.

This module allows you to manage all of your environmental incidents by not only reporting them simply but also manage them, investigate them chart and report them ensuring that they are fully closed out with corrective actions in place.

Find out more in the video below.

A true integrated management system, Mango makes compliance of your Safety, Environment and Quality systems easy. The accessibility of Mango supports leader led safety and ensures ownership and accountability for Safety, Environment and Quality outcomes can occur at all levels of the organisation. 
With fantastic, inbuilt workflows, Mango puts everything Quality, Safety & Environment in one place. It is straightforward to implement and efficient to use. Mango eliminates paperwork and supports productivity by freeing managers to focus more on running the business.

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