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eAssessments Means Consistency Across Your Business

Most organisations suffer from inconsistent training and assessments of their employees. This inconsistency can have a major impact on the delivery of your quality of products and services, the environment you work in and the health and safety of your employees. 

Mango's e-Assessment module tackles your employee training and assessment head on, resulting in dramatic cost savings and competent employees across your organisation 

With Mango, you can easily set up training and assessment programme right from your desktop. Questionnaires, documents, text and images can be added to create the perfect e-Assessment. This means everyone is trained against standard operating procedures and there is consistency of assessment across multiple sites. Get away from the tick box approach and move to something that adds real value.

With Mango there's no need for hard copies as everything is automatically recorded inside Mango. Once assessments are completed, assessors are then instantly and automatically alerted that an assessment has been completed and that they need to review the assessment.

With the eAssessments Module You Can

  • Induct your employees online
  • Add e-assessments to new or existing skills
  • Automatically update employee training records
  • Records progress during the assessment
  • Employees can manage learning at their own speed
  • Encourages employees to participate in compliance
  • Save time and money as you no longer require an external organisation to create training content

Was using a system that primarily focused on H&S. As team included QA professionals as well HS professionals needed an integrated system. After searching found Mango and it ticked all our requirements. Installation and use are user friendly. The support webinars are also brilliant for training and refreshers. Currently used by Compliance (QA & HS), HR, Engineering and Logistics.

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