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Take Back Control & remove the paper!

For most companies documentation and information control are the big problem area's that tend to get found in any audit. Making sure you have great document control processes and ensuring that your team have got access to only the current version of the documentation is a thankless task

With the document management system in Mango you ensure that only the latest version of any document is available to everyone in the business, when you make a change it's done instantly and available to everyone at the same time, even across multiple sites. 

Check out the video below for more information

There are no cons with this package. We have 500 employees, some of whom are not so techno savvy, but they can all use the system easily. We also operate in vineyards, packaging, wineries and cellar doors. 
Updating documents is very easy, statistics and reporting is excellent. I don't know how we got along without it!

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