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See Everything In One Place

The dashboard is your starting point inside Mango. this is where you see all you actions you own or have an interest in related to events, improvements, accidents & incidents and risks . 

The dashboard lets senior managers get a quick overview of what is happening within the business compliance system and at the same time lets individual users see their own actions that need to be completed all in a simple and clear interface.

The dashboard provides you with a prioritised to do list for all of your compliance items. Things are colour coded to be able to see quickly what is important. You can select the item right there on the dashboard and work on it straight away, no messing around trying to work through a menu tree. 

Easy to transition from clunky paper-based, separate and silo'd management health and Safety, Quality, Food Safety and Environment systems into one integrated system which reduces duplication and other wastes and allows the business to drive continuous improvement and realise bottom line success.

Can be up and running within 1 week with all employees populated and QHSE improvements lodged and tracked. I have first hand experience and would recommend it over other software solutions because it is some easy and can be customised to your business by you - no hidden extra costs. In addition, added benefit comes from the excellent and responsive ongoing support to enable the sustainability and roll out through the broader business.

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