Compliance Audits & Inspections Made Easy

For the majority of organisations Audit or Inspection time is the time that they dread most, it's painful, there are so many hopes to jump through and really you are never sure if anyone is happy. The problem is they are an essential part of your compliance program for both customers and of course any standard you need to comply to from the likes of ISO. With Mango they become far easier and in fact a key value adding part of the business. 

Mango makes life easy by allowing you to plan and schedule your audits & inspections. The system allows you to create your own audit lists within mango which you can complete live and add evidence of the audit or inspection as you go, check out the video below to learn more.

Mango has significantly helped our business processes. Recording quality issues has never been easier!

Easy to train people on this system as all modules are integrated to each other. 
We have been able to dramatically increase our employee's participation in recording quality and safety issues.

We have brought all our individuals databases to Mango and eliminate many of our wasteful business processes

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