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Why keep wrestling with multiple unconnected systems and spreadsheets, when you can have your entire integrated compliance system in Mango?

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MANGO covers all of your Compliance Requirements

Save time, cost, effort duplication and rework by combining all of your individual Compliance Systems into one single integrated system.

Accidents & Incidents

The Accidents & Incidents module makes it simple to capture all accidents and incidents happening in your organisation but also to review, analysis finding the trends to help stop more.


The Calendar gives you the ability to view your tasks for any month, week or day. Know what you are responsible for with your own to-do-list and see what’s due to be done.


The dashboard lets snr managers get a quick overview of what is happening within the business compliance system while letting individual users see their own actions that need to be completed.

Events Management

The Events Module provides the automation for your compliance system, from your managment meetings to training, calibrations & maintenance its driven from here.

Human Resources

Mango's HR Module ensures you keep all of your training records in check. Reminders for training items are set to automatically remind you to book the next course well in advance for you.


Report breakdowns and speed up responses with email alerts to the maintenance  team. Capture lost time and costs while allocating work to internal or external resource as needed.

Risk Management

Mango helps ensure that your risk management is clear and understood making it simple to record a risk at any time. A guided process ensures the risk is in the correct register.

The App

Make compliance accessable with the FREE Mango App for Android & IOS letting you manage Accidents, Improvements, Events, Audits and more on the move.


Analyse your data and highlight what needs improvement In business, it can be hard to identify trends. Use Mango's Charts module to clearly see what is happening where.

Document Management

The document management system ensures that only the latest version of any document is available to everyone and that changes are done instantly and available to everyone.

Environmental Incident

The Mango Environmental Management Module lets you do everything electronically by allowing you to report, investigate, manage, chart and report your incidents quickly and simply.

Improvements & Non-Conformances

The dedicate improvements module is where you capture all improvements, non-conformances, customer complaints, and audit findings

Plant & Equipment

Track your equipment and automate your Planned Maintenance or calibration schedules with email alerts before it's due allowing you to prepare and allocate the right skilled people.

Supplier Managment

A good compliance program requires you approve, review and hold information on your suppliers. Let Mango streamline the tasks and keep you on track.

Audits & Inspections

With Mango easily plan and schedule your audits & inspections, create your own audit lists within which you can complete live and add evidence of the audit or inspection as you go.


The Mango compliance module will let you see the gaps that exist within your compliance system allowing you to close them and let you spend more time on running and improving the business.


The e-Learning module allows you to set up custom training and assessments in house resulting in dramatic cost savings and competent employees across your organisation

Food Safety / Incidents

The Food Safety / Incidents Module makes it simple to capture all food safety related incidents and the required information for a full quarrantine and investigation process


Keeping track of all of your KPI's shouldn't be that hard and now with the KPI module it’s not. In the Mango you can record all your Key Indicators in one place.


Manage all of your Contractor & Supplier Pre-Qualification requirements with your own customised Pre-qual forms that are completed online directly in your system.

MANGO - One Single Compliance System

Integrating all of your compliance systems into one piece of cloud software allows you to streamline you processes, saving time and money.

What People Say About Mango

Don't just take our word about how great Mango is, here is the feedback from some of our users.
Mango has significantly helped our business processes. Recording quality issues has never been easier! Easy to train people on this system as all modules are integrated to each other. We have been able to dramatically increase our employee's participation in recording quality and safety issues. 
 Easy for end users so more uptake among staff at all levels. Mobile app makes it very easy for our sales team to raise issues then and there with the customer which improves confidence all round. Also useful for taking audits and safety checks out and about on the floor.
The system once set up organises the entire process and is set and forget until a reminder comes. This set up reduces resource requirements to meet the standards If someone is away the system makes sure someone knows what is required automated follow up of inaction and reminders. 
If you want to check out more independent feedback on how great Mango is head to to hear what others think or you can check out a range of case studies here direct from the end users.

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