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With a cloud based fully integrated QHSE System complete & Free Mobile App here's how Mango can help with COVID-19 Level 2 controls.

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Using Mango QHSE to simplify Level 2 requirements

With the New Zealand Government moving Covid – 19 level down to Level 2 a number of organisations will be able to return to work but still under stricter conditions than they previously oeprated at that need to be managed.
The great news is that with Mango you already have all of the controls elements in one integrated system to let you do that and we wanted to outline them for you.
Here are the modules and they ways that we think you can use them to manage your COVID-19 transition back to operations.
If you need further clarification or have questions bout how to handle something then please do get in touch.

Use The Accident / Incident Module To:

Record if an employee becomes ill at work and you suspect it is linked to COVID-19 or if they report an exposure to Covid-19, this is important as you need to report that to authorities quickly to allow contact tracing to begin.
You can also use this module to record if a Customer, Supplier or anyone else who has interacted with your employees have reported to you that they are positive for COVID19
That initial reporting should be done in the Accident Module using the following set up:

Type of Accident/Incident
This is classed as a Serious Harm Injury / Notifiable event which when we set up most Mango systems is listed by default as 7. Notifiable Event.
That sets up the process and remember that typically you will have hard coded people into a Notifiable Event type in Mango so they will automatically be alerted.

These settings will give you the ability to track issues linked to COVID-19 and build reports that can be exported and shared with authorities.

Use The Audit Module To:

We have set up a number of Sample Audits that we can copy into Mango Client accounts to help them get started on the requirements.
All audits are available on the Mobile app with is free for all mango clients and employees, all of these audits can be both scheduled or used on an adhoc basis pulling them up and filling them in as required.
All audits automatically go back to a reviewer so tick of the management supervision requirements and of course you can build reports out of all the questions and export these for whether further analysis of sharing with authorities to provide evidence of the work you have done.

These settings will give you the ability to track issues linked to COVID-19 and build reports that can be exported and shared with authorities.


The personal health review will allow you to have employees pre-certify themselves prior to returning to work after the lockdown and is based on the flow chart in the Covid 19 H&S Guide from the construction industry. All employees should complete this and submit it prior to working, you would be able to build a report on this audit to show which employees have not completed the form.

Use The Documents Module To:

The Documents module controls all of your manuals and files that you want your team to use. This is the perfect place to have all of your documented proceedures and templates that are to be used within the COVID-19 recovery process.
Documents Section
If you already have an infectious disease control manual then you may want to add a section covering any COVID-19 specifics however remember that this is purely an infectious disease and so you should try to keep things as generic as possible in this area to avoid you having to continuously update it.

Alternatively Create a COVID manual and COVID File structure, don’t include COVID into your standard content. Remember in the future there may not been COVID and will save you time removing it.

When you create documentation within Mango and release it you have the ability to request everyone to acknowledge that document which then registers in their HR profile, this provides evidence of the information being communicated and the person acknowledging it.

Use The Human Resources Module To:

The Human Resources will be one of your key modules for holding evidence that you have done the additional training and taken the steps you need to in order to keep your people safe. Here are some of the ways you can use this module.

You should look at inducting people again for their work sites. The E-Learning module within the Skills section of the HR module will allow you to do that induction both generic & site specific. You can also add pictures and videos to this induction (host the video’s remotely and unlisted on youtube then past the link – contact me if you need help)
Remember that the E-Learning module automatically updates the HR records to show that the person has taken the exam and their scores, this is also alerted to the assessor who can review and make a decision.
This is another alternative to the COVID19 Personal Health Review where you could set up the same questions in the E-Learning and have those answered, the person will need to log into hr web version to do this.

Use The Improvements Module To:

The Improvements module captures everything that needs to take a step-up,so any processes that you find lacking as a result of your new COVID-19 processes can be listed here to demonstrate the changes you are making.
Type of Improvement

Most improvements linked to your COVID-19 processes will be listed under Health & Safety improvements, but some may be system or supplier improvements for example.

This module will allow you to capture and track them using those categories so you shouldn't need to add more.

Use The Risk Management Module To:

Capture all your risks! Covid-19 is clearly a risk to personal safety, your organisation and the general public so you need to record these risks in the risk management module.

Record each of the risks individually and the controls that you are putting in place. By making these permanent risks you can add them to the various Risk registers that you have set up for your organisation or create a dedicated COVID19 register that is applicable across the entire organisation.

Use The Supplier Module To:

The supplier module lets you capture all the information you need from yoru suppliers and contractors. You may have requested suppliers provide you their COVID 19 plans or SSSP and these should be saved within the system. You have 2 options for doing this:

create a COVID-19 documentation event for the supplier to request their documentation when the event is signed off this information can be uploaded and will form part of the history of the event for that supplier. It also allows you to then request updates to this documentation in or 6 months for example. Remember that you can allocate an event to a supplier employee if you have them set up (and limited to the supplier module)

Use The Plant & Equipment Module To:

The Plant & Equipment Module holds all the information about all of your equipment including the maintenance request system which gives you some powerful tools in this fight.
Track Your Equipment
Track the location of your equipment by adding worksite information to the "Other" description or including it in the notes section of the equipment.

Use The Compliance Module To:

The Compliance module will allow you to document all the steps you have taken across yoru entire system to show that you have taken all practicable steps possible to provide a safe working environment and get the ability to contact trace as much as you can.
Record All Actions
Note all of the steps that you have taken to comply with the requirements in one central place that can be provided as evidence to anyone who asks for it.

Capture and record Real Time

Use the free mobile app to let your team record what is needed remotely

Complete Audits

Use the App to complete prehealth checks and site observations

Register Risks

Capture new risks that come up on the worksites around linked to COVID19
iphone white

Record Incidents

Let yoru team record any COVID-19 issues via the Accident Module

Plant & Equipment

Record what Plant & Equipment has been used to provide tracking details

Configuring Mango to Meet Contract Tracing & Safety Requirements

In this video Peter Rogers and Nathan Cottom of Mango discuss additional options on how to setup Mango to assist you to meet the compliance requirements as you move from a lockdown or quarantine to a more "open for business" operation.

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