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Virtual Quality Management

We are excited to launch our new Virtual Quality Management Service which is designed to provide companies who do not have a dedicated Quality Management resource the support normally associated with a full time person but without the cost linked to employing that full time person.

We do this by offering companies a set number of 'days' per month of Quality Management work. These 'days' are calculated based on the size of the organisation and condition of the current compliance system. The support is normally spread through the month and can be utilised as hrly blocks for example to review Non-Conformance data, understand the trends and identify improvement opportunities to help you reduce errors, scrap, missed deliveries and of course costs or as a full day for instance for your strategic Quality Management work. 

All of the top level Quality Management support you need at a fraction of the overhead cost of hiring a full time person.

Support Options

To avoid unnecessary costs we attend or run Client Management Meetings both via ZOOM or SKYPE video conferencing system. This allows us to support clients anywhere in New Zealand without expensive travel costs. Of course we also visit the site in person where we need to as well depending on what you need, which may be monthly, bi-monthly or just once per quarter, we work around what you need to ensure the results are delivered.

Our support packages are based on a rolling 12-month plan that you can pay monthly, quarterly or annually so you can budget for exactly what you expect, when you expect with no surprises. 

Virtual Quality Management Support Options


We are also been incredibly pleased to become a Mango partner because we believe that it is the best QHSE compliance system available today to build world class Quality and Health & Safety processes on.

By partnering with Mango and building your Quality, Environmental or Health & Safety system on it we are able to remotely access your system to easily monitor and work on what needs to be done where ever we happen to be in the country meaning you get the support when you need it.

Mango helps support your compliance needs for

  • ISO 9001:2015 - Quality
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental
  • ISO 45001 - Health & Safety
  • ISO 22000 - Food Safety
  • ISM Code - Shipping

All in one single integrated package designed to make your life simpler and compliance automatic.

Need Help Implementing Your Systems?

We also have a number of options available that can provide the practical help and project management you need to implement the processes you need. 

Get In Touch

We would love to talk to you about your Quality, Environmental or Health & Safety requirements and talk about how combining our Virtual Quality Management support and Mango really does make make it easier and more cost effective to manage your compliance.

Just click here to make an appointment and find out how we can help you Make Things, Better for your compliance needs.

You can also call John on 0211649739 to set up a meeting 


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ISO9001 and The Process Approach

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