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Thematic Goals - Don’t wait for a crisis to get focus – do this 1 thing instead!

Did you ever notice how what looked like impossible tasks or deadlines seem to just happen when there is that sense of crisis? "If we don't achieve X then we" loose the major customer or the company or whatever it is. People rally around, pull together and suddenly everyone is heading the same direction and you make the numbers or the deadline?

It took a crisis to really focus everyone on what needed to happen, to get alignment or traction for a cause. Suddenly everyone is looking at what they are doing and why they are doing it, they are working together more, they are asking questions like "does it help solve the crisis we are in, right now?" If the answer is no, then they put it to the side and pick something else that does fix the crisis.

Once you're out of the crisis everyone pats themselves on the back and says, "hey well done" or "We dodged a bullet there". That is of course until the next crisis turns up, then the cycle starts again.

Rather than waiting on the next crisis coming at you to get everyone working together why not take a more proactive approach and launch your Thematic Goal. 

What is a Thematic Goal?

  1. Think about it as your rallying cry, the crisis without the crisis. It's the one thing that is more important than anything else in the company that if you don't fix now will be a full-blown crisis later.
  2. It's a temporary, or short-term goal, lasting 3 or 6 months, certainly no longer than 9 months.
  3. It gives you the clarity to be able to say No to some good things that don't align with the goal and to say yes to great things that do.
  4. It's shared by every exec and leader in your company, it's the most important thing after all.
  5. There are no numbers attached to it! WHAT!? I know it sounds crazy but it's a statement of intent, it doesn't have to be inspiring, but it does have to be 100% clear and describe what you are doing, the numbers come later.

Some Typical Examples:

In the next 6 months we need to dramatically improve our deliveries, or we will lose customers

We are losing quality people because of our culture, we have 4 months to turn this around.

We need to cut our scrap numbers over the next 3 months, we can't continue to lose this much on scrap

They don't have to be lofty or polished by a wordsmith, they do have to be genuine – people will smell bull a mile away! They should be something that everyone will understand and that you can explain if needed, ideally in 10 seconds!

The Thematic Goal is achieved through what we call Supporting objectives and we'll delve into them on our next post, but these are where the numbers and targets come in. These don't replace the whirlwind of day to day operational metrics either, you'll still have those to deal with, but we'll talk about that as well.

The Key to Success

The key with this process is the through the selecting and communication of the Thematic Goal, every person is involved, they are clear about the issue and why it needs fixed. Every action is done with achieving the thematic goal in mind.

Imagine the power of a single focus and everyone knowing if you are winning or losing the challenge! That's the power of a Thematic Goal.

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