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The Quest to QHSE Podcast

Episode 6 

I was really delighted to participate in episode 6 of The Quest to QHSE Podcast with Craig where we got together and talked about how to use lean improvements to save money, something that's dear to my heart, not just because I'm a Scotsman but because it makes great sense for your organsiaiton. So how does that fit with QHSE? well the answer is pretty simple, it doesn't matter what topic you are trying to cover in your system and really you should integrate them all (Craig gives a great rundown on this in Episode 5!) you should always be looking for improvements in your processes and systems.

As we explain in the podcast improvements don't have to be this big massive changes, in fact we urge you to not make them big massive changes, rather focus on small simple quick ones that everyone becomes involved in listen to the podcast below to find out more.

About the Podcast 

If you get our regular newsletter you'd have seen that Craig Thornton from Mango has launched a great new podcast called The Quest to QHSE where he and his guests talk about a whole range of topics covering all facets of creating and implementing a successful and efficient QHSE system covering topics including

  • Quality Management
  • Health & Safety, 
  • Environmental Management
  • Information Security
  • Food Safety Systems
It's a weekly podcast and runs about 30-40 minutes at a time and if you are looking for really thought provoking and helpful discussions around how to have a fantastic compliance system then I highly recommend the podcast.

The Podcast: 

The podcast is available in all the main podcast providers, (souncloud, spotify, itunes, castbox, the list goes on) why not have a listen now, just click play below.

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Wednesday, 08 April 2020

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