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The Customer Experience Workshop

We are really excited to be working with The Manufacturers' Network to bring a great interactive workshop on understanding and improving the customer experience process that your clients interact with every day. Spaces are limited so better grab your seat while you can.

The Workshop

Think about this question from your customers viewpoint, exactly how good is your customer service experience? Does customer service kick in at sales or when the customer has a problem?

The Customer Service Experience isn't just the first and last transactions of the deal, it's the entire lifecycle of the relationship with the customer from the moment they think about working with you to that 2nd, 3rd or 100th order from them. A happy customer is also generally a returning customer, so the cost of the next sale is progressively less, a delighted customer, well they become walking and talking free adverts!

This interactive workshop looks at the customer experience as several touch points throughout the business and explores

  1.  What is good or great customer experience and what is not.
  2. What are the changes in customer expectations? – have they gone up / down, in todays need it now click culture how can you satisfy the demand for a speedy response, should it be a stepped response.
  3. How to map the touch points in your company and understand their impact on the customer service experience.
  4. Where is your company really at in terms of the total customer experience and what do you need to do to close the gaps, ticking all the boxes and getting happy engaged customers.

From this workshop you will be able to take away at least 2 or 3 actions you can implement to immediately improve the experience of your customers along with the knowledge of how best to measure this.

Booking the Workshop

Booking for the workshop can be done directly on line at The Manufacturers' Network  by clicking hereSpaces are limited so better grab your seat while you can!


  • Members : $95+gst
  • Non Members $190+gst

About the Manufacturers' Network

The Manufacturers' Network is a group of globally competitive New Zealand manufacturers who want to grow their business, and New Zealand's economy, through collaboration, innovation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Backed by 137 years of knowledge, we're leading our sector into the future.

Ambitious and goal-oriented, our manufacturers' are driven by the desire to be the best of the best – and see international competitors not as their idols, but rivals. Confident and proud, the products speak for themselves, and help showcase our innovative edge – proving our capability to achieve the best results at home in New Zealand 

Get In Touch

If you need any support in understanding or improving your customer experience then click here to make an appointment and find out how we can help you Make Things, Better

You can also call John on 0211649739 to set up a meeting 


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