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Sorry To See You Leave - A Customer Experience Story

When we were putting our website together we wanted to make it easy for clients to make a booking with use without lots of back and forth emails or phone calls to see if we had a slot at this time on this day. The answer, of course, was that we needed an online booking system. It needed to be something that fitted with our value of Simplicity, so after a lot of searching we found a system we loved, 10to8 and we have been using it for the last 3 years.

The Email

Last week I got an email from the Team at 10to8 titled Sorry to see you leave!  I was both confused and a little concerned, we liked the system and have integrated into our booking page, had I inadvertently decided to leave the system? Not that I was aware of, surely there was a misunderstanding so I read the mail again. It was certainly a mail saying we were leaving and here is what it said: 

Hi John,

Did you know that 10to8 is trusted by 30000+ businesses worldwide? Want to be one of them?
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All the best,

Confused I quickly checked the website, we were still up and the booking system appeared to be working, just in case my 9-year-old daughter tested it out booking a 1hr slot to have ice cream.. apparently I was buying! (We train our entrepreneurs young here) .

So I sent back a mail saying hey guys, don't know what's going on but I'm not leaving!!, must be a misunderstanding and please don't close down our account, we love your service! 

What happened next is an example of just a great culture & customer experience...

The Return Mail 

The return mail from the team at 10to8 was short and to the point... 

Hi John,

We are really sorry, we messed up! Please feel free to ignore that message and consider only this one

Why This Worked 

In this one short mail, these guys acknowledged that they had made a mistake, showed they had a sense of humour, complemented the user and of course left me with a smile on my face.

They could have ignored my return mail, they could have just simply written back and said it was a system error and just ignore it or any other dry corporate response. They didn't, that's not who they are, it's not their culture and of course, people then talk about how they handle their customer service and it's probably one of the reasons these guys continue to grow.

They could have written (or prewritten as many do) a long winded email about how this is a system error and they are investigating how it happened etc etc but that wouldn't have followed their Mission which is "To rid the world of wasted time."  So a big long email would certainly have contradicted this, so a great short, sharp and witty one hits the ball out the park. That's called Alignment and being true to your values

Culture and Customer Experience 

It's clear that guy team at 10to8 love what they do, they understand why they do it and they are focused on their mission and as a result growing. The way they treated this error is great and completely in line with them as an organisation. What about your organisation? How does your organisational culture reflect in how you interact with your clients, how you deal with issues and complaints? Do you ask your clients for feedback on how you are doing with it? If you don't then perhaps you should, you may improve and add more exponents for your service. If no one wants to be an exponent for you then perhaps you need to look at that as well before you start dwindling customers.

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