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The Scoreboard

As part of the 4 Meetings process we talked about having a scoreboard set up for your 3 or 4 key metrics that you want to track for each quarter. There are a number of templates around that you can use, you can develop your own as well but we thought we would share one of ours.


We've structured the Scorecard to make it as simple as possible, each metric owner just adds the 

  • The weekly results for their metric to build a long term trend chart
  • The targets (Max & Min)
  • Some titles for the Metric, the owner of the Metric and the function

From those things we drive the weekly metric score card and the main scoreboard which allows you to select weekly results to report on which allows you to quickly view if the results are on target or not.

We have also included Warning Limits​ these are the values where you need to act to correct the trend of the metric before you really get into trouble and it goes out of control. These are calculated for you automatically.

Screen Shots

Main Scorecard
Previous 4 Week Trend
KPI Trend Chart

Even if this isn't quite right for you we hope that it gives you some idea's on how you could set up what you need to keep track of your key metrics and start driving your business with real data.

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