Merry Christmas & a Productive New Year!

It's that time of year again, the Christmas tree's are up resplendent in the assorted tinsels, lights and assorted baubles and the presents are bought (hopefully!) you are all set for it. I don't know about you but for me it seems to come round faster every year, it may be something to do with my daughter growing up, what appears to be at an increasingly rapid pace.

In New Zealand the Christmas holidays are always a bit strange for me, I grew up in Glasgow in Scotland, so as I type it is 3 deg c with snow on the ground in some area's and the peak temp between now & Christmas day is 12deg with rain or snow most days. The sun pops up (if you see it from behind the grey clouds) around 8:45am and sets again at 3:45pm, so if you are working in a factory as I used to you can easily go the whole day or week without any sun. Conversely in NZ today it's cooler, it'll only be 19 deg C today (29 yesterday) and  31 deg on Christmas day is expected and and we are expecting around 16hrs between sunrise & sunset and blue skys.. so sometimes it can be harder to get into the Christmas spirit I'm sure I'm not alone and that can make relaxing a little harder.

When we add in the pressures of work and all the things on your desk there, sometimes we forget what's important and take it home with us, maybe we'll sneak an hour here or there just to clear things up or polish something off.

A wise friend of mine pointed out to me a couple of years after arriving in New Zealand (fair few years go now) the use of Merry was, at least from his point of view, was important and about more than where you are it's about who your with and what you do with it, like so many things.. 


cheerful and lively.

Source: Google

Merry - can also mean:
cheery, in good spirits, high-spirited, blithe, bright, sunny, light-hearted, buoyant, bubblycarefree, without a care in the world, joyful, joyous, rejoicing, jolly, jocund, convivial, festive, mirthful, gleeful, happy, glad, laughing;

It's easy for the "Merry" in Merry Christmas to get lost, sometimes it takes someone else to point it out.

It's also important to remember that if you don't take a break and relax so your mind & body can recharge then you just exhaust yourself at which point your work rate drops, errors increase and you become pretty irritable. 

There are so many studies out there that tell you that after say 50hrs your productivity goes down rapidly.. 35hrs is actually almost peak productive hours for many people! What they also see however is that even with only working 40hrs per week, without proper breaks, completely away from the day to day grind, your productivity and capacity to learn and retain new things drops by a further 15-25%.

If you want to have a really productive 2018 take time, spend it relaxing & recharging this year, disconnect from your work email, pick at least 5 days where your phone is off and focus your time on what really matters.

We hope you have a great break, a wonderful Merry Christmas and a relaxing & safe New Year.

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