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Lean to the Left

Removing Waste from Your Administration Area

We are really excited to be working with The Manufacturers' Network again to bring a great interactive workshop on how to apply lean thinking to your administration side of your organisation. Spaces are limited so better grab your seat while you can. 

The Workshop 

When people talk about lean everyone automatically thinks about manufacturing and the factory floor, which are important but did you realise that up to 70% of your organisations waste is created to your organisation's administration? 

How often do you repeat the same problems again and again, how many times o you need to go back to your clients and ask the same question to try and get the right information or worse, make the wrong thing because you weren't clear? How much money are you tying up in your inventory because of internal purchasing decisions or clever statements in your T&C's!?

Processes that you have today, that you have always done, because it's how things are done may very well be generating waste not just in your administration area but also within the manufacturing sections as well. Find out about the hidden levels of rework involved in dealing with your customers and internal departments.

This workshop we will help you figure out how they can remove waste from their systems and pull the delivery dates of their products and services into the left saving time & money while delighting the customer (and making life easier for your teams!)

The Take Aways

This is a fully interactive workshop is designed to increase your awareness of what drives waste in your organisation and give you some tools to find them and how to create a plan that engages others to act to change and improve them.

We will work with the fictional company "Rowdy Daughter Ltd" manufacturer of trendy ear muffs and T'Shirts to see how their business decisions and processes drive waste and killing their delivery times and driving up inventory.

We will look at how you can identify the wastes with the use of Value Stream Mapping processes to understand exactly what is happening and where the non-value adding areas are that can be improved or eliminated to reduce costs and improve lead times. We'll develop a plan on what action steps to take and how to communicate that to the organisation.

Sign up for the Workshop

  • Date: Wednesday 31st October 2018
  • Venue: The Manufacturers' Network, Level 1, 236 Hereford Street, Christchurch
  • Sign up for this workshop is through the Manufacturers Network Website here:

About the Manufacturers' Network 

The Manufacturers' Network is a group of globally competitive New Zealand manufacturers who want to grow their business, and New Zealand's economy, through collaboration, innovation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Backed by 137 years of knowledge, we're leading our sector into the future.

Ambitious and goal-oriented, our manufacturers' are driven by the desire to be the best of the best – and see international competitors not as their idols, but rivals. Confident and proud, the products speak for themselves, and help showcase our innovative edge – proving our capability to achieve the best results at home in New Zealand 

Get In Touch

If you can't make this session but would like to learn more about Lean Administration or to run this workshop internally then click here to make an appointment and find out how we can help you Make Things, Better

You can also call John on 0211649739 to set up a meeting 


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