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Creating an Automated Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Problem

One of our ISO9001 clients was struggling to collect customer satisfaction data from all their customers, they have over 50 active clients! They were concerned that they were not having meaningful conversations with their clients about issues that mattered to them rather than wasteful generic discussions that while they solved some issues never really captured everything and were hard track. They asked us about how they could relaunch their program to get better value for their clients and better data for them.

The Solution

Automation Scheme

When we considered what the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard is it's clear you have to engage your clients to get their perception of how well you are meeting their needs but the how is up to you. Our client really values the face to face conversations so our solution needed to be about how we help focus that conversation to ensure they are having the right conversations with the right people at the right time and remove as much waste as possible.

Our solution was to automate the sending of a basic customer satisfaction survey based on the frequency of people ordering from our client. If the end client was new, then we need to know quickly how the experience was, so we set a target of collecting data 10 days after shipping the product and again in 6 months' time. If you are an existing customer with a mature program, then asking only every 6 months would appear to be fine.

For the automation process, we used MailChimp to create a customer list which is integrated to the customer's internal Intranet and so when a new client shipment is sent the dispatcher adds the details to the MailChimp system to trigger the process. Once in the system, it will automate the follow-ups. MailChimp then sends a pre-designed email to the client asking for feedback.

For the questionnaire, we selected Typeform because of its ability to integrate to Google Sheets. We constructed a basic questionnaire with the client to get the key data he wanted from the clients that would enable them to have a better conversation with them face to face. That Typeform questionnaire was then embedded into the MailChimp newsletter and sent automatically. On clicking the survey section of the email, the Typeform mail is automatically opened in a browser to allow it to be completed.

On submission of the feedback, our client gets an email to let them know that feedback has been placed for them to be able to review real time. If there is a concern, then they can pick up the phone and have a conversation immediately, if not then it can be added to the data for that customer for the next visit.

The google sheet integration allows us to automatically create trend statistics for the company overall on a number of areas based on the questions asked but also provide a customer specific trend as well so we can track how the customer responds over time. If the average customer score is lower, we can change a tag in MailChimp to switch that customer to a more frequent or in-depth questionnaire.

The Result

By automating the collection and basic analysis of the data our client now has more time to focus on the right areas of their customer engagement, asking better questions about the area of the products and services they provide which aren't scoring 10/10 with that end customer, thereby personalising the face to face discussions rather than a generic discussion. This saves them time in understanding what the conversations need to be about.

With the automated analysis they no longer have to spend time trying to decipher information that is provided adhoc from customers to generate charts or metrics, it's presented for them in a consistent manner. They have the ability to target specific areas and focus the improvements they want to make by reviewing both the business trends in general and a specific customer performance.

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