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Communicating Your Core Values

So you have done the hard work, you have figured out what your real Core values are, you are clear on your permission to play values and you also have a couple of aspirational values that you are going to build a plan to embed these into your organisation. You are all set, let's get the posters made & framed!

Frame them, Don't Frame them..

Not so fast… A framed picture of some words doesn't cut it. Just think about it for a second, think about all those times you have worked in an organisation where their purpose, mission, and values are laminated or framed & stuck on a wall, how real were they? How embedded in the organisation are they? Not so well right? The only framing of your values you really need to do is the story about them.  

Tell The Story

There is a story behind the values you have chosen for each group, permission to play, aspirational and core. The story is personal to your organisation in the same way as the words you have chosen to describe them. Remember what we said at the start, these are not marketing slogans, they are for your organisation, for your people that you know and work with. It's to make it clear to them first and foremost.

When sharing the new values with everyone then do it in person, gather as many people as you can together and tell them the story about them, why they matter and how they will be lived by the individuals, do not delegate this part it needs to come from the very top. That may mean you are on a road trip to different facilities, it may mean you are on a webinar call, but you are after interaction with your teams, be prepared to answer questions, lots of questions! 

  • Permission to Play Values – why have you chosen them, how will you keep them, what happens if you as an organisation fail to meet them.
  • Aspirational Values – Be honest here, explain that you need these values but you're not there yet. Tell people about the steps to get there and ask for help in the journey
  • Core Values – take each one in turn and explain the story behind them, explain where you see them now in the organisation and how that benefits the organisation.

Live The Values

Once you are through the process of the initial announcement it's time to really integrate them into your organisation and make them part of the fabric or the organisation, for example: 

  • Hiring – when hiring you must tick off 100% of your permission to play values before you consider a person for a role, it is what gets them through the door, only then do you consider if they can add to or live your Aspirational and Core Values.
  • Reviews – again you need to talk Permission to Play, steps towards Aspirational values, ability to live & contribute to Core values and then of course performance, training etc.
  • Performance improvement / Disciplinary & dismissals should also have discussions about failings to live or support Permission to Play & core values. Someone, for example, may meet the numbers but do it in a way that doesn't fit with your permission to play or core values, if that's the case they cannot stay in your organisation. If you do let them stay, then you should question if you are living the values.
  • Decisions on company direction, your quality systems acquisitions, product development, sales processes all of these and more should be viewed through the lens of the 3 value sets to ensure they fit. 
  • Discuss Discuss Discuss… every chance you or your leadership team get you should be discussing one or more of the values, talk about how an action or situation reflects on or supports those values.  

Your teams should know the values at heart and not by having to go look at a plaque on the wall, they should be 'just the way things are around here' and people should be proud of those things. 

Embedding and supporting the values in your company is a daily activity, it needs to be part of your operating plans, development plans and lead from the very top and reflected in every level of the organisation. I challenge you to find a plaque or a framed picture or poster that can truly deliver that.

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