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Always Have a Back Up Plan

Like a great many people around the world I ventured out at the weekend to try and see the Lunar Eclipse. I had a plan, since I knew I had to be at the top of a hill above the city to get a  clear view of the sky I would be up so I could leave at  5:30am to be where I wanted to be, have time to set up my camera gear and get ready, yep I had my plan. 

The Best Laid Plans 

I explained to the family what I was planing and so my 9 year old daughter decided that she would love to see this speculator event as well (her words) but 5:30 am was much too early. Her mum also thought that she should come and keep the daughter company but again 5:30 was much too early.. so there was a very sensible discussion and we settled on 6am ... to get up and a different location which would be easier to reach.

By 6:26am we were finally in the car and heading for location 2 to capture the eclipse, of course a great many others in Christchurch had also decided to come along as well to this location so we had to park a little bit away and walk a short distance up the hill. Still by 7:20 we were there , ready, just in time to see the starts of the eclipse happen to much excitement from my daughter who was now huddled under some blankets with my wife.

I managed to get only a couple of shots of the eclipse as it  started to cross the moon, then of course, as anyone around Christchurch in New Zealand would know.. the clouds rolled in and quickly what was starting to look like a great event turned to, well, a less than great event. 

The start of the Lunar Eclipse 

The start of the clouds rolling in...

My Back Up Plan 

​It was now fairly cold and we had no moon and not much else. The daughter decided that this would be a great time to head back tot he car with mum, I decided that it was a good time to head further up the hill since, having researched the time of sunrise and the place we were going (it was a back up location after all) I knew the sun should be coming up in about 20 minutes and we would be able to see it rise over the ocean and hills. Alas I went up the hill myself. Thankfully the clouds were just fine on that side and in fact they were very helpful indeed and the result of that back up plan was indeed something really quite good (I think).

As a Leader What is Your Back Up Plan ​?

​When you think about your organisation and all the best laid plans that you and your team have, I wonder have you got back up plans for these things? I Bob, your best operator leaves tomorrow after a small lotto win, what will you do? what about your Finance manager Melissa who just got an offer as CFO from your biggest competitor, do you have a recovery plan. What about when your new product isn't ready for launch or your quality processes lets you down.

It really doesn't matter what it is you should always think about what is my recovery plan if this doesn't go according to plan. Remember Murphy is alive and well in your organisation so you should be thiking about how you counter him and be ready when he strikes. 

Remember, when something goes wrong you cna always walk over the other side of the hill to find something inspiring over there.

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