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The Only 4 Meetings You Need

Meetings are a complete waste of time!.. well if that's how you feel then you're probably doing them wrong! I know sounds strange when you go to so many meetings to hear that but yep you're doing them wrong and what's more, as a leadership team, there are only 4 types of meeting you need to be having, that's right, only 4 meetings but like anything there are some rules around how it all works.

I'm a big fan of the Organisational Health work that Patrick Lencioni has been doing and one of his suggestions is to have only 4 types of meeting, but they may be a little different than you think so let's take a brief look and in later articles we'll dig into how and why they work.

The Daily Check In

​​​Duration ​Purpose ​Rules
​​​​ 5-10 mins max! ​​Share the daily schedules & Activities so everyone starts on the same page each day.  ​​Don't sit down – this one is on your feet! Keep it to administrative stuff Don't cancel it, even when some people are away

The Weekly Tactical

​ Duration ​ Purpose ​ Rules
​ 45-90 minutes ​​Review your weekly activities & metrics. Resolve any tactical issues Review progress on Thematic goals Agree outcomes & communication Plan ​​​No Set Agenda until after the initial reporting section (the 1st 10 mins) Strategic discussions are not allowed in here, take note of them & move on. ion Plan

Monthly Strategic (or adhoc Strategic)

​ Duration ​ Purpose ​ Rules
​ 2-4hrs Discuss, analyse, brainstorm and decide upon critical issues affecting long term success zero day to day tactical items here.  Agree outcomes & communication Plan  Limited to only 1 or 2 topics Come prepared with required research Everyone needs to be engaged and there should be conflict!

Quarterly off Site Review

​ Duration ​ Purpose ​ Rules
​ 1-2 Days Review your strategy, the competitive landscape and what the local & international trends are, key personnel & of course development. Agree Outcomes & a communication plan Get out of the office Its not about social activities it's work, no fluffy team bonding stuff Don't over structure the day Don't try to cram too much in.

So right about now your thinking that you have enough meetings and you don't want to spend even more time in meetings right? well just think about it for a moment, how many of those meetings are truly productive?  By productive we mean that 

  1. Everybody is actively involved 
  2. Things get decided & actions 
  3. Everyone leaves the meeting on exactly the same page so you don't have to worry about crossed messages or revisiting the topics
Ah.. now you are having to think a little. 

That's a lot of hours! How will I get my work done?

While you are thinking about that think about the last question what about this as well, add up all the time you currently spend in meetings as a leadership team, all the time you spend rehashing things and getting nothing really decided, how many hours per year do you get, I bet it's a big number.

Ok so if you did the process as outlined above you would spend around 220hrs per year in meetings that actually drive your business forward, based on a working year of 2080hrs that's only a fraction over 10% of your time.. I bet you spend more than 10% of your time in really unproductive meetings don't you?

Sure you may have other meetings but I bet even if you add them into the mix (and did them right! - see points above!) you would still spend way way less and get more done using this method.

The Role of Leaders & Managers

One last thought, and I hate to break it to you, as a Leader or Manager of the business guess where you main part of your job is carried out.. yep in meetings, deciding things so that your teams can execute them effectively, don't you think you owe it to your team to do it right & not create chaos in the organisation through miss communication, opposing views, no outcomes or wrong outcome meetings?

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The Daily Check In
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