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Make This Year The Year Of What If?

"What If?" are magical words, they are the first words of endless possibilities and adventures. If people in history had never asked "What If?" we wouldn't have achieved so many things, no discovery of different continents, no flying in planes round the globe or setting foot on the moon. We would not have radio, computers, phones, electricity, mobile phones (although that may be ok), electric cars, heart transplants, incubators for new born babies and so many more wonderful things. Without "What If?" we wouldn't strive to push ahead to the next great adventure.  

The Default Position 

When the default position for people is , I'm not good enough, I don't have the tools, it will never happen here, no one ever listens, I don't know enough for that to work, we can't improve that, the team aren't that engaged, that's' just the way things are or we can't deliver at that level… then of course the magic of What If gets lost, forgotten or thought of as something for the kids to ask.

A Change For The Better 

What If we changed that? What If we made "What If" the first words used when reflecting on and trying to solve any problem? What if it was the very core of your culture to ask "What If?" What would that do for your people and your organisation?

What if the first words out of your mouth when a someone comes to you as a leader with an idea is What If we try that? And then follow that up with What if you take the lead. What would that do for them? for your organisation?

To be fair you may well get the answer or even think yourself, but What If we fail?.. well that's great.. the experiment you were trying failed! So what, it didn't work, great cross it off the list of things to try, reflect on it and think What If we tweaked it this way or What if we tried this instead and then keep going... it's PDCA in action and it's infectious!

Giving someone the permission to imagine and to come up with potential solutions to challenges is one of the greatest gifts you can give, it's empowering and as a leader (or a parent) it's your role to encourage the thinking about What if…..

The Impact 

Just think if everyone in your organisation thought, what if I did this to improve that or what if I did this to remove that roadblock? How quickly would you improve? How infectious would that culture be? How empowered would your people be? How hard would it be for your competition to keep up with you?

So where is my question for you, What If you tried this, What If your culture was one that embraced the What If Manifesto?

The What If Manifesto

"What If" are magical and productive words that form a key element of our culture, we want every one of our team to be able to ask "What If" about every part of our organisation (or family) because when we give permission to ask "What If" amazing things can happen.


So think about it, What if you tried this, what have you got to lose?

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