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Learning From My Daughter

My daughter is 9, I joke that she's 9 going on 19! There are many reasons I'm proud of my daughter, too many to list here but her inquisativeness is fantastic and when I started the I actually got her busienss cards made saying "Trainee Big Boss" as a bit of a joke but she's taken a keen interest in things as we went along. So I want to share a success today I only achieved because of something my 9-year-old daughter showed me she had done and how it worked.

Today I shared an idea that I had been working on over the last week with a client to provide a solution as part of the lean approach we are taking to their the new quality system. The aim was to have something that would remove a lot of wasted paperwork, wasted time chasing things around and removing the ability to create errors. The system was to let them capture quality data and create ECN's and Certificates of Conformance's and a few other things so that any of his 5 team members could work on the system at anytime and anywhere.

After sharing the work, I had done I sat and looked at the client and asked for his feedback. I love it he said, it's simple to use, does what we need and is very versatile on how we present it and completely lean. 

Great I said, now I must pay my 9-year-old daughter... the client, a little confused asked about why.

The Trainee Big Boss 

So, I explained, my daughter had set up some questionnaires in Google Forms to send to companies about their use of plastic bags as part of her environmental project at school. She shared the forms and sat patiently with me as we looked at it and filled it in. She then showed me where the data went and the charts she could make with it… that created the spark of the solution for the client and now we have a full online solution. All thanks to my daughter, the trainee big boss.

Never forget that you learn from your children you as much as they learn from you, stay open to listening and learnign where you can.

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Sunday, 31 May 2020

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